Cumnock Bowling Club

Cumnock Bowling Club first got in touch with us around April last year.

Ironically an old machine that we had sold off as spare parts had been resurrected and installed into the bowling club, someone got it going but in their hast to have it installed they didn't remove our branding! With no returned phone calls from the other supplier the Club resorted to contacting us by Googling our name to find a contact phone number. We answered that call, first time! And yes that was over the weekend to boot.

The machine had been playing up and the Club finally had enough. We agreed to supply an ATM for the bowls club and we arranged to ship it directly to Cumnock, but of course there are always challenges with freight companies and this was no exception. The ATM had made it as far as the depot in Orange and wasn't scheduled to leave until the following Monday, not good enough for CBC, they needed it for the weekend! Someone who knew someone had a truck and they picked it up at the depot and it was installed and operating the same day (I do love the "she'll be right" attitude of Australians!). Long story short, the ATM has been on site and operating since June last year.

We supplied this ATM under a "free placement" option as we had equipment available to do so. A free placement option means we keep the first 200 or so transactions to cover the equipment investment, maintenance, incidentals (receipt paper rolls) and any costs involved in upgrading the machine should that be required by law at some stage down the track.

The first full month back in July 2020 saw the Club do 297 transactions, this has increased to close to 500 transactions a month.

Not only are the Club providing a valuable service to their community (as they are the only ATM in town) they are now have a revenue stream of around $350 a month AND they have reduced the amount of fees they were incurring with their EFTPOS.

Free Placement VS Own Your Own ATM

We can't guarantee a free placement machine will always be available and these machines do need to a minimum number of transactions a month to ensure we can keep them in place.

Owning your own ATM however ensures you get the maximum amount of money back to your Club. Your investment will start at $6800 for a single cassette machine (including delivery). But in this case you keep majority of the transaction fee from transaction 1 (the transaction fee is the fee your patron pays to use the ATM). And what's more YOU set the dollar amount of the transaction fee. We have some sites that charge $2.50 to keep it low and provide a service to their patrons, other sites are using this as a revenue stream and are charging closer to $3 per transaction. Either way you pay one low fee of $0.70 (including GST) per transaction which covers:

  • The cost of processing the transaction
  • A daily email report which is a summary of what was dispensed the day before so you can reconcile your bank account
  • A monthly recipient created tax invoice to keep your book keeper happy!
  • Access to phone support 7 days a week to help you and your staff with any issues  -  this support is provided by one of our Brisbane based techs, we don't have any support that is outsourced either locally or overseas
Here's the maths on a machine you own to see how long it would take you to have that machine investment paid off in full.

Direct charge to patrons - $2.80
Let's say 400 transactions per month 400 x $2.80 = $1120
Less a service fee of $0.70 per transactions 400 x $0.70 = $280
Less the monthly modem fees that's only $55 per month (including GST) 

$1120 - $280 - $55 = $785

Your initial investment of $6800 / $785 = 8.6 months to pay back the cost of the ATM in full.

You can use the same formula above to work out what you'd earn by reducing the fee to say $2.50 and by increasing or decreasing your expected number of transactions.

If you can pay off your equipment in the first 12 months and it has an expected life span of at least 10 years you'll soon see that the maths on that investment is working in your Clubs' favour.

How hard is it to use an ATM? How safe is it to have an ATM on site? We are more than happy to chat to you about any concerns or questions you have regarding having an ATM on site.

Let's chat and I can put answers to your questions in writing in case you need to distribute this information to your committee members.

I look forward to chatting to you soon.

Owner - ATM2GO
0410 681 033

What our clients say...

Brad King
Big thanks to Barry and the team at ATM2GO for the hassle-free and friendly service. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Brad KingSenior Events Manager | IMG Australia
Jenny Paratz
Thanks Antoinette and Michael from ATM2GO. We appreciated your professional approach as always, you are a pleasure to work with. 
Jenny ParatzOrganiser | Brookfield Show
Kate Lovett
It was a great day that I think I've only just recovered from!! Thank you for looking after us at relatively short notice and coming back to refill the machine twice!
Kate LovettClifton Hill Primary School Fair Coordinator

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