Why Choose ATM2GO?

  • Stability - We are one of the original mobile ATM suppliers! We've provided the convenience of cash to thousands of fetes, markets, festivals and major events for more than seven years.
  • Strength - ATM2GO is supported by a network of 17 locally owned and operated franchises.
  • Professionalism - We provide outstanding customer service, industry knowledge and expertise which ensures the delivery of reliable, functioning, cashed up ATMs
  • Commitment - We are available throughout your event to deal with any issues or to speak to patrons directly. ATM2GO can remotely monitor our ATMs to ensure that cash is flowing into your event.
  • Advice - Don't get caught out by 'free' ATM hire promises, especially if they are offering food, rides or other devices with their ATM. We have helped organisers when other ATM providers have cancelled at the last minute, run out of cash or just didn't turn up. It costs money to provide an ATM service and anyone offering it for 'free' is cutting costs that could adversely affect your event. Is it worth the risk?
  • Confidence - We can provide confirmation of our insurances for cash, equipment, public liability and the risk assessment for each event. We cover security, equipment, anti-fraud software and hardware, along with technical expertise for peace of mind.
  • Data - After the event, you'll receive a report with the number of transactions and amount of cash dispensed, which should reflect in your bottom line and will help with budgeting for your next event.
  • Visibility - We are very transparent, so please visit our Facebook page and website to see recent, genuine events that we have attended. We love to share comments and testimonials from our loyal customers.


What our clients say

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