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ATM2GO has been providing the convenience of cash to events since 2011.

ATMs, like many of the unsung heroes that provide support services to events (we share this title with portaloos, phone chargers and water stations), are essential because they provide the basics that are expected from patrons. These services are essential because lingering patrons that are enjoying themselves are the lifeblood of a successful event.

Most people might not think there is anything particularly sexy about providing cash...but we believe reliability and being hassle-free are sexy! As an event organiser, you have a hundred things to juggle on the day of an event. With ATM2GO, you are able to simply tick one thing off the list that you don't need to concern yourself with. We manage the bump in of equipment, the cash, monitoring of the ATMs throughout the event, attendance on site if there are any issues and talking to patrons directly if they have any concerns. You would rarely hear from us during the event. In fact, the next time you would hear from us is after the event with the details of the cash dispensed at your event.

"We don't need cash, all of the stall holders have a square!" Yes, we hear this a lot. We also hear from the media (fuelled by the Big 4 Banks) that 'we' as consumers don't want to use cash. Believe me, they don't speak for everyone. Ask us about our biggest market in Brisbane that has nine ATMs on site. The stallholders want cash and patrons certainly want to be able to make a choice regarding their payment options.

Cash is still King at school fetes and fairs. We frequently see $60 withdrawals at school fetes - $20 for one kid, $20 for kid number two, and $20 for mum and dad!

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What our clients say...

Brad King
Big thanks to Barry and the team at ATM2GO for the hassle-free and friendly service. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Brad King Senior Events Manager | IMG Australia
Jenny Paratz
Thanks Antoinette and Michael from ATM2GO. We appreciated your professional approach as always, you are a pleasure to work with. 
Jenny Paratz Organiser | Brookfield Show
Kate Lovett
It was a great day that I think I've only just recovered from!! Thank you for looking after us at relatively short notice and coming back to refill the machine twice!
Kate Lovett Clifton Hill Primary School Fair Coordinator

Our Clients