Reliable ATMs

We start with the end in mind and that is to have as few problems as possible over the lifetime of the ATM. The key to this is investing in reliable machinery upfront. We use Triton ATMs and Triton's tagline is "Partnerships Measured in Decades". This is because they have been manufacturing ATM machinery for over 30 years.

The Triton Argo 12 is the star of our range and gets lots of comments on its "space like" look. A large, clear screen makes it easy for patrons to use the machinery, the large "wings" assure customers that their transaction is out of the way of prying eyes and the large bright high topper makes the ATM easy to find even in the darkest corner of a nightclub!

We keep stock of machinery on hand to enable us to meet the needs of those clients that require an ATM urgently. We are also diligent in keeping stock of spare parts so should a part be required we can guarantee to have this on its way the next business day.

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Click here for Argo 12 specifications.


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