Indoor Events

For events where the majority of the action happens inside, having a stand alone ATM is the best option.

Ideally the ATMs should be placed either near the entrance so patrons can see it on the way in or somewhere near the coffee and food. It doesn't matter what the event is - patrons always seek out the bar, coffee or food!

We frequently attend events where there are already ATMs at the event venue, but there are often no passes out, or one ATM simply can't cope with the large amount of people wanting to access cash in a short period of time.

Ideally, we place enough event ATMs on site to ensure that we are servicing people as quickly as possible so they spend less time in the queue and more time spending their money and enjoying your event.

After the event we will report back to you regarding the number of transactions and the cash that was withdrawn from the ATMs.


"We have used ATM2Go for our events for a few years now. The reason we keep coming back is because the staff, especially Jenny, are a pleasure to deal with and are punctual with bump in and bump outs. We have been impressed with the quality and service of the machines as there are very rarely any maintenance issues considering the high usage at our expos. The pricing is very affordable and they definitely look after their clients. Overall we continuously use ATM2GO because the service is outstanding and consistent."

Manuela Morgan
Pregnancy, Baby and Children's Expo

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Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my ATM. Since inst...

Kevin Phoebe
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