ATMIA (ATM Industry Association)

ATM2GO are members of the industry body ATMIA that is responsible for disseminating information to ATM deployers regarding compliant machinery, forthcoming changes to the industry and changes to card systems.

Staying on top of changes to the industry is paramount to ensure we are up to date with future requirements of the ATM industry and regulations. This includes where an ATM can be placed at a venue, for instance, the position of an ATM at an establishment that has poker machines


Local Business Memberships

As we are all about local businesses supporting other local businesses, most of our franchisees are members of their local Chamber of Commerce or similar organisation in their area. On the north side of Brisbane, we are proud to be a member of the MBRIT (Moreton Bay Regional Industry and Tourism) a local group that work to promote all the benefits of the Moreton Bay Region for tourism and the growing number of industries that are moving to the area.

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